Decorative Wood Sign Painting Parties

Do you like to get together with friends and get creative?  We specialize in Wood sign painting parties where you can host or attend a party full of creative fun.   Whether it’s for a girls’ night out, birthday party, team building activity, bachelorette party, or just because, we take care of the details and you take care of the fun!

Customized Etched Glass

We specialize in etched glass designs.  Need something unique for a special someone or occasion or a little something for yourself?  Choose one of our designs or contact us about our customizing options.  We can work with you to come up with something that’s completely unique, crafty, and chic.

etched glass

Custom Wood Signs

Do you have a unique wood sign idea that you would like to bring to life?  Contact us and let us know what you have in mind so we can design and create a piece that speaks to your unique style.

Wood Flower Corsages and Boutonniers

Do you have an upcoming wedding, prom, homecoming, or other special event that you would like to commemorate?  We create custom wood flower corsages and boutonniers that last a lifetime to help you remember your special event with our unique flowers.

Wood Flower Arrangements

Wood flowers are made from the root of the Tapioca plant grown in India.  Wood flowers are hand made, don’t require any upkeep, and last a lifetime.  We will create a beautiful arrangement to your specifications for you to enjoy for years to come.


Diana Smith

 Ingrid Rivera 


We are  two sisters with a desire to use our crafty skills to provide our clients a way to express themselves through the products we provide.  Contact us when you need to personalize your glassware, a unique gift, or want to have creative fun with those you love.